There are many different times when pain relievers are absolutely necessary. In fact many of the modern medical procedures would be impossible without the aid of pain medication. The problem is that a person can develop an intense addiction to pain medication. This article will outline what exactly an opiate is, and how it works. Then outline two different aspects of overcoming an addiction. 

What Are Opiates? 

 Opiates are analgesic alkaloid compounds that are naturally found in the opium poppy plant. Opiates actually can attach to the proteins called opioid receptors in the brain and other parts of the body. When these receptors are occupied by the drug, it can cause a euphoric feeling. The euphoric feeling is caused by the ovoid receptors in the pleasure center of the brain being occupied. One of the main problems with abusing opiates is depressed breathing. One single large dose can have terrible affects on the respiratory system. Other studies have shown that the white matter in the brain can deteriorate as a consequence to opiate use. Deterioration of white matter can affect decision making, problems with regulating behavior, and how stressful situations are handled. It is important to know that addiction can be harmful to you and those around you. 

Get Help

One of the best ways to kick an addiction is to start receiving help. Most individuals that are suffering from an addiction try to keep it hidden, but this always has a negative effect. Getting support from family members and friends is a great start. However, often it is getting the help of a professional that is what truly helps. Professionals will be able to understand what the addict is feeling, and suggest a program to detox. This will allow the individual to get off the misused drug with minimal negative side effects. 


Coming off pain killers can be an agonizing experience. The body had become absolutely dependent on the drug. Many times a detox is necessary, but there are programs that make this more bearable. Instead of just obtaining from the drug, programs can teach individuals how to live life without drugs. Many programs will also provide vitamins that have been shown to lessen the pain when detoxing. B Vitamins have been shown to help lessen the pain when coming off the drug. So detoxing is going to be necessary, but it does not have to be done alone. Contact a business, such as Pacific Ridge, for more information.